Dedicated to the

All-African People's Revolutionary Party

Africa Must Unite

The concept of African unity embraces the fundamental needs and characteristics of African civilization and ideology, and at the same time satisfies all the conditions necessary for an accelerated economic and technological advance. Such maximum development would ensure a rational utilization of the material resources and human potential of our continent along the lines of an integrated economy, and within complementary sectors of production, eliminating all unnecessary forms of competition, economic alienation and duplication.


Pan-Africanism is the total liberation and unification of Africa under Scientific Socialism.

Black Power

Black Power epitomizes a new stage of revolutionary consciousness of the yearning and aspiration of the black man... Real black freedom will only come when Africa is politically united. It is only then that the black man will be free to breathe the air of freedom, which is his to breathe, in any part of the world.


Scientific Socialism

Socialism in Africa introduces a new social synthesis in which modern technology is reconciled with human values, in which the advanced technical society is realized without the staggering social malefactions and deep schisms of capitalist industrial society.



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